what your cat is telling your with their tail
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Who says that cats don’t emote? Contrary to what a majority of people believe, cats do share all their expressions. They do make faces and pop out their eyes but these are not the only means by which a cat emotes. Not only do they have expressive eyes but they also use their tail to a good effect in this connection. A cat’s tail speaks and conveys the messages that even its characteristic meowing sounds would fail to do. Here’s how you can decode the tail language of a cat.

What your cat is telling with their tail

Whether your cat holds its tail high or simply lashes out its tail in excitement, it tries to tell you something.

Upright and Slightly Curled at the Top Tail

Sometimes you may also find that the tail of your furball is slightly curled up. This is reflective of its friendly mood.

cat upright tail

Upright Tail

An upright cat’s tail pattern is an indicator of the happy mood of your cat. You can contribute to its happiness by cuddling it along with some treats. (Read about Why Landlords Hate to Accommodate Cats )

Tail Curved beneath the body

You should be a little worried if your cat positions its tail in the downward direction or holds it beneath the body. These are the signs that it is either agitated or a little nervous.

cat tail Curved beneath the body

Oscillating Tail

If you find your cats twitching its tail then it means that they are focusing towards something and you should allow them to follow their instincts. ( Read about Facts About Cat’s Eye Colors )

Wagging Tail

The cat’s tail wagging back and forth is symbolic of a cat’s aggressive mood.

cat wagging tail
Photo Credit – Catster
Tail Flicking

The cat’s tail flicking in a puffed-up position also indicates aggressive feeling in cats.

puffed cat tail

Sound knowledge of these character traits of your cat’s tail will help you understand your pet feline in a better way. As a result, you will be able to respond to it in an appropriate manner.

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