why do cats make noises
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Meowing is the typical language cats use for communicating their thoughts. Whether they are happy, sad, nervous or agitated they use their verbal language in collaboration with their body language to speak their heart out. The meow that your cats do may have different meanings.
If you are living under the impression that felines do not possess a vocabulary and use the same kind of sounds, then you have got it wrong. Cats get vocal with different kinds of sounds and you need to understand cat sounds meaning to figure out what your kitty is trying to say. (Read about 7 Reasons why cats meow at night and what to do? )

In order to help you understand your pet friend in a better way, here is a list of some common sounds cats make.

Cat sounds and what they mean

As is the case with the sounds that humans make, different cat sounds mean different things.


Kittens meow more as compared to adult cats. They are not able to see and hear, by meowing they tell their mother that they need their attention. An adult cat doesn’t meow but sometimes it does it to seek the attention of its owner.

kitten meowing


Cat purring is a sign of the feline being content. A cat trills to indicate its friendly gesture. Besides, they purr to provide relief themselves when they are not well or injured.

cat purring sound means


Growling is an angry cat sound which a feline use to warn other feline or people around it. ( Read about How to handle aggressive cats? )

why do cats growl


Female cats make the yowling sound when they are in heat and want to attract male partners. Sometimes they make the same sound before the start of a serious fight. ( Read about What does cat tail language indicate? )

why do cats make yowling noise?


If you hear your feline friend wailing, it wails for a reason. Wailing is a cat’s way of seeking attention for something serious. Never leave your pet cat unattended in such a situation.

why do cats wail?


Chat chirping is another kind of noise that your purry friends make in a state of excitement to show their frustration and eagerness for doing something that they are not able to do. (Read about 10 Surprising signs that your cat may be sick )

why do cats chirp?

Cats keep making these sweet and annoying sounds to emote their psychic feelings. Sound knowledge of what these sounds mean is your best bet to coexist with your pet friend happily.

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