what do cats dream about
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It’s a fact that Cats sleep 15 hours a day, which is twice as much as humans do. So it is not far-fetched to think that there is possibility of dreaming involved. However, it is not easy to study their dream pattern or what they dream about. Cat owners can support the fact that cats twitch and turn in their sleep, which is probably the only physical evidence that we have that cats dream.

do cats dream
REM sleep

Can Cats dream? Sleep can be categorised into 2 types, namely REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and non-REM sleep. In the REM cycle, it is observed that eyes twitch and brain activity is similar to that of an active person. This is the stage where dreaming occurs. During the REM stage, loss of muscle tone, which is also called atonia, occurs and therefore, people actively dreaming are not able to act out their dreams physically. So what has that got to do with cats? It is likely that cats go through this REM stage as well and their rapid movements and whimpering that the cat owners observe is a sign that their furry friend is dreaming. Since there are multiple REM cycles that occur during one bout of sleep, it is likely that a cat is dreaming of more than one thing. ( Read about Why do cats cover their faces while sleeping )

can cats dream
Exploring their dreams

So, what do cats dream about when they sleep? It is easy to know what humans dream about, you just have to ask a person. Our dreams are just a manifestation of our daily life, anything we do during our lives is processed in our dreams. The case must be the same for cats as well. Running around, catching mice and playing with their owners is a possible composition of a cat’s day and cat’s dream. Of course, just like all our dreams are not pleasant, cats must be getting nightmares as well. But at this moment, this is all a conjecture.

what do cats dream about when they sleep

We may never find out what they dream about. But we can be sure that it is filled with toys and food and a cuddle or a snooze.

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