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Have you ever seen your cats behaving weirdly? If you have seen something like this, then it’s nothing other than a behavioral change. Understanding a cat’s behavior needs one to be smart and wise to gain an insight into what these purry friends exactly want. So here are a few examples that might make you feel what is exactly wrong with the felines:

The staring act

Cats are playful and naughty but have you ever observed your cats staring at something without a blink? Yes, it does happen. It may seem like unusual and abnormal cat behavior but it’s a harmless aspect. Maybe they try to use their sixth sense hard to figure out something.

why do cats stare at you?

Knocking down things

Knocking down things and getting the floor messy is another example of strange cat behaviors. The more you ignore your cats, the more they will find joy in knocking down things. It also happens when the cats are in search of their prey or are annoyed.

cat knocking stuff


Cats are cute little thieves as they have a habit of stealing things and bringing them inside. This is not some kind of a cat behavior problem but mimicking a thief helps them to be better prey catchers.

The head hitting

Thug! Thug! No, it’s not the sound of utensils falling in your kitchen but the sound of your cats hitting someone with their head. These cat behavior changes are an outcome of a lack of attentiveness. Cats are real attention seekers, and they do such kinds of things to gain the attention of their owners.

why do cats knead

Box love

Cats love to take a nap in boxes, and one can say that no one can come between their love for boxes. This is just because they consider boxes as one of the coziest places to sleep and also find great pleasure in tearing it into bits for you to clean.

why do cats love boxes so much?


Cats love to watch birds from the window. While watching birds out of the window, they make fast and intense teeth chattering sounds. Do you know the reason behind it? If not, here’s the answer to your curiosity. According to the Behaviorists, cats feel sad and frustrated, as they can’t go outside and hunt the prey. However, others say that when cats prepare themselves for killing prey, they make a strange jaw movement. Whatever the reason, this behavior is completely normal for your fur baby.


Bringing Gifts

There are few theories on why cats bring home dead animals. When your cat likes you, she starts treating you as a member of her group and likes to share her hunting success with you. This is her own way of showing gratitude to you for taking good care of her. Maybe she gets more attention from you when she brings you rodents, birds, or insects. If you want to curb this behavior of your cat, try putting a bell on her collar which will make it difficult for her to hunt.

cat bringing gift for owner

So next time you see your cats doing any of the above activities, you know well what they really want, right?

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