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Cats can emote a wide variety of moods. Interestingly, there is a direct link between their moods and weather conditions. This association of their mood and weather has an evolutionary bias in its foundation.

Since cats primarily were predatory animals and were later domesticated, they developed an acute sense of weather sensitivity. By predicting the weather, cats can bring subtle changes into their physiology and psychology to attune themselves to the natural conditions around them. The evolutionary residue of these instinctive features directly affects our furry friend’s mood as the weather changes. ( Read more Do cats knead with their back paws?)

how do cats react to biometeric pressure
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Have you observed that you feel a little sad, depressed, or gloomy during the winters? Well, this is due to a condition in humans called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Generally people who feel mentally healthy & elevated during mild weather often experience sadness and mild depression during winter. A study suggests that cats experience a similar condition. The study found that nearly 8 million pets showed signs similar to SAD, including an overall “grumpier” mood during winter months. So if you find your cat a little sad during winters, don’t worry. Try to stimulate the cat with puzzles and toys mentally. Ample exercise can help your cat lift its mood. (Read about: Cat sleeping positions and what they mean? )

changes in temperature affect your cat
Thunder and rain might make them fearful and anxious

Cats are hyper-sensitive creatures. Some are even more sensitive than the rest of the cats. Cats happily avoid contact with water. Their sense of smell lets them differentiate between rainwater and faucet water. This might make them extremely anxious. They also have an acute sense of hearing. Loud noises of thunder, heavy blowing winds, and lightning strikes can cause your cat to hide under the bed or run wildly clueless due to extreme fear. ( Read about: Can cat sense negative energy? )

seasonal changes in cat
Natural disaster premonitions

Both cats and dogs are believed to sense a natural disaster even before it has hit. Cats have been seen moving entire litters of kittens before an anticipated storm or earthquake. Since ancient times, cats have been used by people to predict natural disasters. Their extraordinary psychic sense might be due to their heightened sense of hearing and smell, or they can feel the electrical impulses and even minute vibrations before human beings can get it. During natural disasters, cats tend to become anti-social. They tend to fall back upon survival instincts and avoid any social contact. (Read more: Why do cats tuck their paws?)

Impact of seasons on cats mood

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