viking cats different to todays cats
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In the past, Vikings raised cats for a special reason. Interestingly their main purpose of domesticating it was not to just pet it but to get rid of rodents which are no less than a pest that can pester you all the time and also for clothing made from cat pelts. Subsequent studies have revealed many startling facts linked to the cats of the Viking era.

Were Viking cats different to today’s cats? Surprisingly, the answer is “Yes”. The cats of the current generation have been through various phases of evolution since the Viking age. Here is how the former evolved from the latter to reach its current form. (Read about World’s Smallest Cat’s Facts )

Difference between Viking cats and today’s cats

According to a team of scientists from Denmark, while most animals tend to shrink when they become domesticated but cats have grown about sixteen per cent at present from their actual size since the era of Vikings. The remains found by the scientists suggest that at the time of their original evolution, cats remained confined to the Middle East. The domesticated counterparts at the present time have all descended from the Near Eastern wildcat which still roams wild today in the Middle Eastern desert. ( Read about World’s Deadliest Cat )

viking cats

This observation is based on the remains of cats that have been found in Denmark. It may vary among the members in other regions.
What helped feline of yesteryear to grow in size at the subsequent stages? If the version of scientists is anything to go by, things began to change as some of the feline members were transported to Denmark and other regions from their actual place of origin.

The domestication of cats provided feline members with not only food but also a safe place to live in and flourish. This is how cats spread to different regions around the globe and over the years have grown in size due to better access to food and living conditions.

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