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One of the most exciting things about adopting a new cat is deciding a name for them. Well, there are a lot of unique names for cats out there, some funny, some cliched, some trendy, and so on. Here we will try to share with you a list of the best cat names. However, before choosing a name for your cat, we suggest that you wait for a while. It is best to understand its personality and behaviour and then decide on a name that suits your furball. Here is a list of uncommon names for cats.


Olive is perhaps one of the most common names for female cats. We are beginning with this particular name because of the sheer popularity of this name. You can even create tens of smaller pet names from this like, Oli, livy, etc. (Read about – Cats eyes change with mood )


Clove is another uncommon name for your kitten. If your cat’s personality is a little spicy and a little sweet, then this is the name you should go for.

Clove Unique cat name

If your kitten is what makes you feel loved, warm, and has a different kind of vibe about it, this name will suit her. Onyx is essentially a gemstone believed to be a protector from evil and symbolizes harmony between life and death because of its contrasting black and white layers. ( Read about – Cat with m on forehead )


One of the funny cat names, pepper is also suitable for cats with a spicy personality that always loves a kick.

pepper unisex cat name

Hex is a truly magical name for your furry friend. It means to spellbind. Does it sound like your cat?


A name inspired by a Greek goddess of all wild animals, the hunt, and vegetation. Do you think your cat is a goddess?


Nimbus is a male cat name meaning a halo that surrounds a divine being. This a beautiful name for cats that are calm and composed.

Nimbus beautiful cat name

Does your cat look like Gandalf the Grey? This is one of our personal favorites, inspired by the character from Lord of the Rings movies. ( Read about Cats that like to travel )


Does your cat look ferocious and fiery? Well, see if this fun name suits the personality of your cat.

Fang best cat name

Scrapper is another cool name for your cat. It usually indicated a fighter or the one that quarrels.


Goofy is one hell of a goofy name for your furball. It means innocently foolish or harmlessly eccentric.


Is your cat the one always running around, swooshing from one place to another. Well, then dash is the perfect name.

Dash uncommon cat name

Do you want something more fun and sinister? Then name your cat Chaos. It will be a fun way to be with your friend.


Ozzy is a perfect name for your cat if you feel that it is the price of darkness itself, just like Ozzy Osbourne.


And lastly, Oreo. Who doesn’t love Oreos? If your kitty packs an extra punch of sweetness then Oero is the best name for it.

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