signs your cat owns you
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A big meow to all the cat lovers around the world! Do you think that you own a cat! Wait till you read it. Over this time your cat has steadily trained you to fulfill all of its demands and you didn’t even get to know about it. A lot of people are deluded that they own a cat. Actually, it is the other way around. All true cat lovers know that it’s the cat that owns them, runs their home, and makes their choices.
Look out for signs your cat owns you!

What she wants she get!

Have you been saying yes to everything your cat says? Well, cats are good at that. If you get her everything she desires, even if it is getting too much for her, it means she owns you. (Read about How to handle aggressive cats?)

cat owns me

They train you

You might have not noticed it but your cat has been slowly training you to complete her demands. When she growls in a certain way or makes a certain face, you immediately realize she needs food, cuddling or space to litter.

growling cat

Sleeping beauty

You are owned if you sacrifice your own work and comfort just not to wake up your cat. Cats can become aggressive if you wake them up when they don’t want to. She must have taught you that well. ( Read about Why do cats sleep so much?)

sleeping cat

Paralyzed leg

Your cat has been sitting on your lap or too long you wouldn’t want to take away her cosy comfort because that makes you also feel good; but only until your leg starts to become numb and all asleep. How you wish you could start your circulation again.

cat sleeping on the legs

Cat hair all over you

You must have noticed that when you wear black, people might have pointed out to you that you are covered in cat hair. If at that moment you thought, let it be it my cat, her hair, my shirt then it’s obvious she owns you. (Read about 10 Rules to follow if you are owning a cat)

Cat hair all over you

A corner in the bed

Have you been pushed out to just one corner on the bed? Who has been sleeping on the rest of it? Is it your cat? you are owned, my friend.

A Meow Goes a Long Way

You simply obey every single meow of your cat and understand them very well. This one is a really clear sign that your cat has trained you very well and now you are ready to serve thy majesty very well.

Your Cat has Officially Become Your Owner

Feeding on Time

If you are doing everything possible to feed your cat on time then it is one of the signs your cat has imprinted on you. Sometimes it can be in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning too. You are basically enslaved by your cat to serve her. Well, we won’t mind it too!

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  1. I give in, M\y cat has me by my tail. He has stolen my life and taken away my independence. I love him to death anyway..

  2. Besides that, there is nothing subtle about it. They are blatant in their commands and have no care for your needs. If they want to sit on your computer while you’re in the middle of something important, they care not (unless you are ordering something for them). They are shameless critters and we should keep them out of our lives for our own mental health. On the other hand. I THINK I WOLD DIE WITHOUT, AT LEAST, ONE!

    YEA CATA111

  3. Yes, my cats have me well trained, and I also them. The M originates from the Egyptian Mau Breed of Cat it is an ancient Egyptian cat with a heritage of over 7,000 years. I have two Mau.

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