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Meow to all cat lovers! Does your cat make you feel undesirable and not loved? Well, maybe you are reading her signs wrong. It is true that cats are hunters by instinct and prefer isolation and minimum contact. However, they express and desire love too! It is possible that you have been missing out on love from your cat because you have been reading her signs wrong all along. Do not worry lovers, feline cupids are merciful and here are the 5 signs which clearly indicate that you and your cat have got a love affair going.

signs your cat loves you
Unexpected gifts!

Have you not received a compliment or a gift from anyone in a long time? Do not get disappointed, perhaps your cat is planning on it already. It is highly likely that you will receive an unexpected gift from your cat as a token of her love for you. Indoor cats generally bring their favourite toys and random household items as a gift for you. Cats are natural hunters and it is possible that she will bring her hunt to you! Before getting disgusted just know that it is her way of showing off her skills to you and letting you know that you mean something to her.

Head butts are signs your cat loves you

Headbutting is a sign your cat loves you. It is a way for your cat to mark you with her pheromones so that other cats know you belong to her. You see how possessive she is about you. It is a good sign that she wants to keep you with her alone. Your cat says I love you and runs away.

Head butts are signs your cat loves you
If she kneads you she needs you!

When cats are small kittens, they do this to their mothers as a sign of comfort and safety. If she is kneading you then she is letting you know that you are comforting to her and she feels safe with you. When you pet her and cat kneads you and falls asleep, knows that she trusts you.

why do cats knead
Stares and blinks

Cats generally don’t like people staring them in their eye. It is a challenge to them and they become super alert. However, if your cats look at you for long periods and blink slowly, it means she has a strong sense of attachment with you. Cats are super alert and to shut their eyes in front of someone is a sign of trust.

Why do cats stare you?
She’ll follow you to the moon and back

Cat owners know this that their cats follow them quite fanatically. Cats watch you in the bathroom, stare at you when you wake up, or simply look at you from the window while you are working on your desk. This means that she wants to be around you all the time without the necessity of physical contact.

Why do cats follow you in bathroom

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