Cat pees on the bed
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Most well-trained cats are scrupulous about their urination and defecating habits. However, once in a while they might go around the house and wet your bed, carpets, sofa etc. However, if you observe that your cat is urinating at places other than their litter box more often, then you must consider consulting your vet to identify the problem.

cat peeing on the bed
Why does my cat pee on the bed?

Is your cat peeing on the bed too often? To get rid of the foul smell of cat’s pee, you can buy cat’s pee cleaner and odour remover from Amazon. It is suitable to use on carpets, hard floors, furniture clothing and moreBefore jumping on behaviour training, it is wise to rule out any medical condition your cat might be suffering from. Your cat might be urinating more frequently because of a urinary tract infection (UTI) or diabetes. Due to these conditions, the cat compulsively pee before even attempting to reach the litter box. The vet can take a blood or urine sample to diagnose your cat. Increased sugar levels might indicate diabetes and the presence of bacteria and blood in urine might indicate UTI. It is possible that even after the treatment, your cat avoids the litter box as it might associate the litter box with the pain. ( Read about Why Do Cats Follow You Into Bathroom ?)

How to stop a cat peeing on the bed
Reasons other than medical reasons

If your cat is healthy, then you must put your attention to other reasons your cat is peeing the bed. Many times, the cat avoids the litter box because of any unpleasantness about it, like:

  • Dirty box
  • Uncomfortable litter
  • Lack of privacy due to the position of a litter box
  • Unsettled routine
  • The drastic change in environment
Why my cat pees on the bed
How to stop your cat peeing on the bed?
  • Cats are particular about their litter space being clean. Keep the box clean and change the litter often with fresh litter.
  • It might also be possible that your cat is finding the type of litter you use uncomfortable. Try changing the type of litter to see what your cat likes.
  • Cat parents have also observed that many cats have a tendency to urinate in one litter and defecate in the other. This will be good practice for you to use multiple litter boxes around the house. Try to keep the boxes in spaces which are not too open and neither too enclosed.

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