why do tabby cats have M on their forehead
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The first thing to know about a tabby cat is that it is not a breed but a coat pattern amongst cats through which they are recognized as Tabby. Tabby cats have a peculiar M shaped on their forehead. Though the origin of this is unknown, there are fantastic legends associated with it. The authenticity of any of it is highly questionable.

M symbol on tabby cat

The Mark by Mary

The legend says that when Jesus was born he was placed in a manger stuffed with hay. The conditions were cold and Jesus began crying because of the intense cold. In spite of all the blankets which covered the baby, he still cried due to cold. Mother Mary asked the animals of the farm to huddle around the baby Jesus thinking it will warm him up. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Mary started rocking the baby but still, it wasn’t enough. ( Read about Can cats cry tears like humans? )

tabby cat M on forehead

A small tabby cat was watching everything from a distance; she knew what to do exactly. She climbed the manger and wrapped herself around the baby Jesus. The baby stopped crying as he felt the warmth and comfort of the kitty. Mother Mary stroked the cat’s head in love and it let the initial of her name on it.

Muhammad and his cat Muezza

The legend says that Muhammad had a cat called Muezza whom he loved dearly. One day Muezza asleep on his sleeve. Soon the time or prayer started and Muhammad did not want to wake her up. To avoid this he cut his sleeve and prayed while slept on his severed arm. One fine day, a snake slithered into the sleeve o Muhammad and the cat saw it. She killed it and saved his lie. In compassion and love, Muhammad placed his hand on her head and granted her ability to land on its feet and marked her forehead with the letter M. ( Read about How Viking cats of yesterday’s differed from today’s cats?)

cat seeing its human

Mau the moon cat

In ancient Egypt, the cats were called Mau. It means light. Since cat’s eyes reflect light at night, they were associated to have a direct relationship with the moon. The mark M is the symbol of that relationship. The Egyptian Mau is the original spotted tabby cat. ( Read about Why do cats knead? )

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