what are cats thinking about us
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Cats are keen observers of their environment. They are naturally curious. You must have observed them staring at human for long periods. It is curious to understand what cats are thinking about us. Cat’s behaviour is much subtler than dogs.

Cats think about humans differently than dogs do

Cats are smart animals and we tend to experience a sense of understanding between us. They perceive and experience our way differently than a dog. Dogs change their behaviour around humans and behave differently around other dogs. Dogs have developed different responses for humans and their own kind. It indicates that dogs know that they are different than us. (Read about Why Do Cats Follow You Into The Bathroom?)

However, in a cat’s case, this is quite different. Cat thinks about humans differently than dogs do. Cats do not alter their behaviour around humans. They act in the same way as they do in front of other cats. Cats seem to be aloof and often venture into their own space. They do not feel the compulsive need to be around humans physically.

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Humans are bigger cats!

This behaviour is typical of cats. A lot of studies have suggested that cats cannot distinguish us from them; they do not seem to know that we are different species. However, they realize that we are bigger than them thus it makes them feel as if we are bigger cats but essentially similar to them. They think we belong to the same feline family.

They show typical behaviour like head butting, kneading and brushing against you which is what they do with their mothers. Social behaviour of a cat is highly dependent on their initial relationship with their mother.

what does my cat think of me

Cats learn from human behaviour

Cats are keen observers. They watch human do everything. It is not because they are spying on you waiting or the correct opportunity to attack you, but they are simply curious about everything that goes in their surroundings.
Cats learn human behaviour by observing as and identify people are more likely to drop her a treat and from whom to maintain a distance. ( Read about If My Kitty Could Speak To Me?)

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