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Halloween is a few days away, and the excitement has already begun to stir in our hearts. If you are like us, then you might find a weird sense of joy and gratification in dressing up your pets for Halloween. Cats mainly can be very unpredictable. Some are more than ready to dress up and show off themselves while others are a hard nut, never ready to crack. Well, we have compiled the best ideas for cat Halloween costumes 2020. Before moving on, let’s understand what makes a costume comfortable for your cat.

Make sure the costume is comfortable for your cat

Cats have very keen senses, and they rely on them a lot. Make sure that your costume does not obstruct any of your cat’s senses. The outfit must not obstruct their vision, sense of hearing, and even smell. Also, make sure that it does not restrict your cat’s movement in any way. If your cat feels its movement restricted or its senses obstructed, it can freak out on you pretty quickly.

Halloween costumes for cats

Another important thing is to take care of the material of the costume. Cats are not accustomed to any type of clothing on their body. However, in this case, make sure that the costume is made up of lightweight and breathable material. If whatever she wears is made of natural fibres, that is ideal. However, avoid materials like plastic, latex, leather, and anything which is body-hugging. Without further ado, let’s jump to our list of Halloween costumes ideas for cats.

It’s a bat, or is it?

This fantastic costume will give your cat wings! There is nothing more mysterious than a cat, which also is a bat. This costume comes with an adjustable Velcro to suit all sizes. It is made up of non-toxic material, which won’t be harmful to your cat. BUY HERE

batman halloween costumes for cats
Aye Captain!

This pirate costume is hilarious, and people will inevitably let out a few chuckles once they look at it. This costume is made of polyester and non-woven fabric, which is soft and breathable. BUY HERE

captain costume for your cat
Unicorn hat for your kitty

Cats are mysterious, and now you can even make them magical with this unicorn hat costume. The colorful mane and the golden unicorn horn is just adorable. This cute unicorn hat costume is made of soft fleece and oxford fabric, which won’t irritate your pet’s skin. BUY HERE

Unicorn costume for your cat
To its jungle counterpart

This lion mane costume will make your cat an equal to its jungle counterpart. With an adjustable hook & loop strap, this will fit all sizes and won’t fall off. BUY HERE

lion mane costume for cats
Yoda Costume

What’s as cute as a cat? Yes, a baby Yoda. To all the star war fans, this might be most cutest headgear out there! BUY HERE

Yoda costume for your cat

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