How Do Cats ApologizeTo Their Owner
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Unlike dogs, cats have a different way of expressing their emotions. Whenever a dog gets scolding it is very easy to identify from its face about its feeling but the case is not the same with cats they simply run away on facing anger.

can cats feel guilty

Now the question that must be coming to your mind may be ‘do cats have a sense of guilt’. The answer to this question is ‘yes ‘it is just that they have a different way of expression. Even dogs do not get the feeling of guilt at first their expression is of anxiousness; the same is the case with cats but in a different way. ( Read about – What do cats dream about? )

Do cats have a sense of guilt

Humans should also understand that instead of asking ‘Can cats feel guilty’ we should be asking ‘do they really need to feel guilty. They are part of your family and they love being treated like one. Let’s consider an example if your cat broke a vase they are not aware of the worth. So you should not get the wrong idea of them feeling guilty immediately. Cats take time to process your anger and accept their mistake. ( Read about – Why do cats love to sit on laptops? )

Do cats apologize to their owners
How Do Cats Apologize To Their Owner?

It is very common for the owner to feel that the cat is self-centered and doesn’t get affected by his/her anger. But this is not true cats are more complex beings than we can think. Their way of handling emotions is very different from dogs.

Firstly it is important to understand that they consider us as a part of their awn social group. So whenever you are going to express anger to your cat it will first run away and hide itself in safe place to calm itself down. Once the cat the calmed it will then definitely come to you with love.

Do cats understand apologies

Their apologetic behaviour may include them walking slowly towards you, blinking their eyes, rubbing themselves towards you. Again you cannot be sure as to how long they take to come to for apology. All you can do is have patience because your cat loves you. And no matter what it does it is a part of your happy family.

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