why do cats cry
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They say cats are mysterious animals and for a good reason. From meowing to gestures or postures, there is something mystic about everything they do. While sometimes they are vocal, they can also get physical when things heat up.

Have you ever seen tears rolling down the cheeks of your kitty and wondered whether it is crying? If yes, then read on to know more about whether cats really cry or not. ( Read about Why do cats meow at night ?)

why do cats cry
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What indicates that a cat is crying?

Emotions constitute a vital psychological element of all living beings. A feline is not an exception to this rule and thus falls into the category as well. So, it is natural that they would respond to a situation in a particular way.

But the question is do cats cry? Yes, they do cry sometimes. According to vet Dr Sheri Morris of Oregon, “cats do tear up, but it’s exclusively in response to an injury or illness, usually associated with their eyes”. Do they emulate human beings in their manner of crying? No, they don’t. Whether they are happy or sad, cats use vocal means to express their feelings. (Read about Why do cats knead ?)

sounds cats make while crying

If you have seen tears coming out of the eyes of your kitty and have been under the impression that it is crying its heart out, you can put your doubt to rest. Cats shed tears for a different reason.

Watery eyes of your feline friend can be an indicator that it is suffering from an eye infection. A visit to a nearby vet in your locality can be of great help in this regard. ( Read about Why do cats run away when they are about to die ?)

Sound Cats Make While Crying

As per one of the famous youtube video, cats make two types of sounds yowling and mewling. When cats are in stress they make the yowling sound. Sometimes they make the same sound while matting. Every cat mother is familiar to mewling kittens cries which mean we are over here they seem to scream.

sounds cats make when crying

What makes a cat cry?

Cats produce unusual vocal sounds when they are either ill or experience physical discomfort due to a change in their environment or any other issues.
In order to get to the bottom of it, observe your feline pet closely, check his mouth, nose and eyes for discharge, examine their private parts for anything unusual and check their litter boxes. ( Read about Why do cats like boxes ?)

If required, do not hesitate to take it to a vet and not to forget, do take care of them and do not avoid them in any case.

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