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Cats are mysterious and like to spend time alone. Cat owners are always trying to understand their behaviour. Cats have unconventional behaviour which makes it difficult for cat owners to understand what their cat wants or needs. Cats are keen observers and to understand them you need to be a keen observer too. Watching cats sleeping positions is a good option, to begin with. Cats have a strong sense of primal instincts that they have carried on from their wild relatives. These strong instincts are quite obviously displayed in a cats behaviour, conditioned you to know how to read them. So, what are cats sleeping positions and what they mean?

cats sleeping positions explained
The curled position

This is quite common among cats. You must have seen your kitty curled up cosily on your bed, sleeping with its tail swooping its body and its head tucked in. This is classic of cats, this way they try to retain as much heat as possible in cold conditions. This signifies that your cat is resting in deep sleep and do not want to engage in any communication. Wild cats also curl up and sleep to conserve heat during the night and preserve their vital organs from an unexpected attack. If you see you cat in this sleeping position its best you leave her alone.