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Since ancient time, people have observed pet behaviour, especially cats, to predict weather forecast and natural disasters like earthquake. Some experts and a lot of cat owners have reported that cats behave strangely before an earthquake is about to hit. J. Anne Helgren in her book ‘Communicating with Cats’ goes on to tell how Japanese fishermen and sailors observed cats predict whether and even take them on ships to predict a storm before it hits them. Cat parents are much eager to believe that their cats possess a feline sixth sense, but it has received no recognition from the scientific community. However, there are many experts who have theorised possible reasons that can bring clarity to this question. ( Read about Do cats go away to die?)

how do cats behave while predicting earhquake
Can cats sense the earthquake?

German Scientist, Helmut Tributsch, in his book on animal behaviour and earthquakes theorizes a possible reason. He theorizes that the flow of ions created by the friction between tectonic plates prior to an earthquake might be detectable by animals. Since animals have drier body surface than humans, they might be more sensitive to the electrostatic charges that precede earthquakes. (Read about Why are cats noses wet?)

can cats sense the earthquake

He has inspired research in this area of study among many scientists who were reluctant of such ideas before. Some experts believe that cats are somehow supersensitive to the magnetic field of earth which lets them predict any natural disaster. On the other hand, many experts suggest that it is they have overall hypersensitivity due to which they can detect small tremors that precede a larger earthquake. ( Read about Can cats eyes change color with mood?)

feline sixth sense
How do cats behave while predicting earthquake?

It is true that cats are strange creatures and their behaviour is unpredictable. Thus, it is difficult to make a distinction when they are actually behaving oddly due to an overlooking disaster. However, many cat owners have reported that prior to an earthquake, they observed their cats meowing excessively and whined continuously. Cats were also seen quickly moving the whole litter of kittens away from the place of impact. Some reports say that cats run anxiously and disoriented to find a safer place. ( Read about How Tabby cats got “M” on their forehead?)

Cats before earthquake

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