Why is my cat obsessed with my laptop
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Cats are aloof and moody. So much, that they have received the tag of being our mysterious feline friend. From showing no signs of affection to their owners to wandering off into their own land, cats are extremely difficult to understand. Although the behaviour of all felines towards their owners differs, we can collectively agree that some of their traits make no sense at all. This is an age-old question of cat owners, why do cats love laptops?

Why Laptop is irresistible to Cats

Cats and working from home is a combination that does not gel well. You may think that your furry companion is trying to sabotage your work but science says something else. Cats have a thermoneutral zone, where they give off energy to stay warm. This thermoneutral zone lies between 90 to 100 degrees, therefore they prefer cosy places like blankets and pillows and yes, the keyboards. These warm places help in keeping them warm. So why do cats love laptops – the answer lies with science. ( Read about – A guide on work from home for cat parents )

The Attention Factor

However, there is another cuter factor that is involved. When you are deep into your work, your entire focus is on your laptop. And being a moody creature, your pet needs all your love and everlasting attention. They know that their plopping into your laptop is bound to get your attention and cuddles, and probably even treats. A sweeter possibility is that they love their human, and want to be as close to them as possible. And oftentimes, this behaviour is also encouraged by the owners, who love the cuddles they get from their mysterious friend. ( Read about – Why do cats drink from showers? )

Comfy Heated Seat

The science behind the intriguing question of why do cats sit on computers might be because cats love warm and comfy spaces. Of course, your laptop/computer is warm and maybe that is why they love to sit on it especially when you are working on it.

Smell Factor

While working from home, you tend to leave your smell on things you use. As cats are quite driven by the smell of their humans, they like being around things that emit the same smell. This may sound weird but it totally makes sense in the cat’s world.

Why do cats love to spend time on laptops
Territorial Nature

The reason why cats love laptops is simply that they are marking their territory. When you are working with your laptop on your lap, your cat knows that something is intruding in their territory. So, by sitting on your laptop, they are simply being bossy and marking their area. Moreover, it’s a cat’s world and we are just living in it!


Like it or not, do not give attention to your cat when they are on your laptop. Your attention reinforces the idea that sitting on your laptop gives them attention. Provide them treats for finding a new spot and provide a heated and comfy area for them. Keep them distracted with a workout and treats. Or you can just do the easy thing and keep one hand free to give them all the love, after all, they crave only their human.

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