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There is no doubt that cats have some weird behaviours. Cat parents have observed that out of these weird habits, cats have a peculiar aversion for closed doors. This article aims to demystify this peculiar cat behaviour.

Cats in many ways is a social animal. They have their own ways and methods to conduct their social life as per the feline instincts. Our feline friends are particularly quite sensitive about territorial identification and privacy. There must have been times when you found this statement contradictory. At times cats become very serious about their privacy and there are times when they don’t care about yours. Well, we must have a deeper look at our curious friend’s life to understand why cats hate closed doors.

cats hate closed doors
Why do cats hate closed doors?

The foremost instinct that drives this behaviour is that of uncertainty that comes with closed doors. Cats are very particular about their territory and are peculiarly aware of their surroundings. It is a common observation among cat owners that cats don’t like surprises. For our feline friends, your home is their territory and a closed-door equates to surprise, uncertainty, and unawareness about their surroundings. ( Read about – Why Do Cats Follow You in Bathroom?)

cats follow you in the bathroom
Cats don’t understand privacy the way you do

Your cats seem to be perpetually motivated to break into your bathroom when you are having a shower or perhaps you find your cat meowing at the closed door. Well, all this seems to come from a different sense of privacy than yours. Human beings are more inclusive when it comes to privacy but when it comes to our feline friends, it an exclusive idea to which only they are entitled to. If you wondered why do cats wait by the door, well it’s just that they anticipate something that they do not have access to. ( Read about – Why Are Cats Noses wet? )

why do cats wait by the door
Wrapping up

To truly understand your cat, to identify why your cat is doing what it is doing, you must be more attentive and observant of your own feline friend. In generalizing, each cat’s behaviour comes with multiple reasons and triggers. Why your cat does what it does might depend upon the context and history of your cat.

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