why do cats disappear to die
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Cat’s don’t relatively understand the concept of death, but they do know that when they are extremely sick, it might be their time to go. Cats have a tendency to disappear for shorter periods when they are on heats but otherwise, the only reason for them to go away is when they can sense death. So if you are a cat parent or know someone who has a missing cat, we are here to help you understand why cats go away to die! It can be heart-wrenching but it’s good to be prepared. Have a look!

why do cats disappear when they are about to die

Withdrawal Behavior Of Cats

It might sound astonishing, but cats show withdrawal symptoms from their surroundings when they sense their death nearing. They tend to hide and shy away from loved ones when they are extremely sick and this should be considered as a hint for all cat parents. While parents can administer medicines, these purr babies need more love and attention during this time. Only love can be the healer.

As per the book Cat World – A Feline Encyclopedia, our feline friends don’t know what death is all about. Whenever they feel sick and vulnerable, they have a tendency to hide in a quiet place. If you see your cat hiding, please know that it is extremely unwell and is feeling vulnerable. The best thing you can do is comfort your cat and have it curl around you. If left attended, they will soon leave for heaven abode without you knowing it and it can get extremely depressing.

why do cats go away to die

Sick and Vulnerable– Although cats don’t understand the concept of death, they, just like humans, understand the condition of their health. It’s an instinctive and evolutionary behavior to run away and hide in an isolated place at the time of vulnerable feeling, as they know that the world out there, has a lot of predators who can easily target the weak and vulnerable cats. Hence, in order to avoid becoming prey, they hide in a quiet spot.

sick cat

Pregnant cats – Being a cat parent many of us are aware of the fact that cats generally give birth in a quiet place because at the time of delivery they know that they are vulnerable and can easily be attacked by predators. This is also one of the reasons behind the fact that sometimes cats eat their own kitten. A mother cat sees other animals as a threat when she delivers her babies. So do not allow any other animals to reach near her until her kids achieve a weaning age, or she might kill her babies as an action to threat perception.

pregnant cat

Behavioral Symptoms of a Dying Cat

Most wonder why do cats disappear when they are about to die. But the fact is that they do not disappear only when they die, they can also go missing for other reasons too. So it is very important to know what’s the dying behavior of cats to be able to understand their disappearance better and learning to live with it.

It’s likely that a cat will show symptoms before it dies. But here are a few of them that should be on your watch list.

1. Fatigue is a major symptom. We must observe whether a cat gets tired for no reason.
2. Loss of appetite is an important symptom to observe.
3. Disinterest in activities or surroundings.
4. Sleeping habits should be monitored.
5. It is important to assess the condition of the cat’s skin.
6. Unsteadiness is another important symptom.

Always keep a check on all the above-mentioned symptoms to determine the health of your cat!


We hope your kitties remain healthy and they never go away! But we also suggest all cat parents be careful and keep an eye on the symptoms to help your baby die in your arms and not in some hideous far away place! Keep loving these purr babies always. Happy Petting!

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