cats are scared of cucumbers
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Cats are strongly prying animals. Modern data implies that these tiny animals see us as inessential owners. The latest internet craze including our stealthy partners has revealed another piece of unfamiliar information: For some utterly strange cause, they seem to be afraid of cucumbers. It has something to do with the appearance of cucumbers; they look like snakes to cats.

Cats afraid of Cucumbers – Reason Behind the Fact

There are speculations, but no clear-cut answer. Most specialists admit that it isn’t assuredly the cucumber itself that terrifies cats. One of the accepted reasons is that cucumbers hint cats of reptiles. “Cats are genetically hard-wired through a sense to avoid serpents,” “Cucumbers resemble rather like a snake to have the cat’s normal phobia of snakes kick in.”

cats and cucumbers

Cats and Cucumber -The worst match

Another approach is that the unexpected presence of the cucumber frightens the cat. It relates this to alarm someone by hiding up behind them.
Jill Goldman, a certified pet behaviorist in south California, shows that the cucumbers trigger the cats’ normal startle responses. “With a startle response, a cat will usually try to go out from there as soon as workable and then reassess from a range,” she says.




Why we Should not scare cats with cucumber?

According to animal behaviorists, scaring a cat with a cucumber is not a good prank option. The cats confuse a cucumber with a snake, as they consider snakes as predators who can attack cats, that is why they are so terrified of cucumbers.

The situation of a cat catching sight of cucumber is somewhat comparable to our fear of how we plunge or squeal after we turn around and notice someone standing behind us. And while we may typically chuckle these moments off once the adrenaline falls down, it can be an unsettling event for cats—notably when it’s eating.

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  1. Alright ….the real reason is they are afraid snakes !! Its amazing how their basic instincts are so dominant….even though they stay in a domestic environment throughout their life!

  2. For one, none of my cats have been outside. I tired this, and none of my cats were afraid of a silly cucumber, I saw a video of that on a cat group, how all the cats jumped when they saw the cucumber. I didn’t think that was funny at all.

  3. My Bengal cat is NOT afraid of cucumbers, snakes, or anything else.

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