Why do cats poop in the tub
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Cat pooping in the tub or sinks is a common phenomenon that many cat owners have to go through. There can be various reasons behind this behavior of your cat and it is important for you to figure out everything before reaching any conclusion. Check out the reasons why your cat might be doing it and how you can prevent them.

cat pooping in tub
Reasons Your Cat Poops in Sink or Tub

There can be some serious reasons why your cat poops in the bathtub and you can check out a few down below.

Behavioral or Emotional Issues

Due to the changes in the household your cat might be stressed emotionally which can lead them to behave in such a way. You should know that cats are sensitive towards even minute changes in their life which can result in them pooping in the tub. ( Read about – Why do cats follow you into the bathroom? )

how do i stop my cat pooping in the bathtub
Health Problems

If your cat is suffering through some health issues like constipation, bowel diseases or even joint problem then they can choose to poop in the tub. The best thing would be to get them checked to a vet before reaching to any conclusion.

How You Can Prevent This Behavior

If you are trying to figure out how do I stop my cat pooping in the bathtub then we have some excellent solutions for you. You can check out primary ideas right below.

why your cat poops in the bathtub
Change the Litter Box

Make sure to empty the litter box at least twice a day and do not forget to clean it timely. Also, keep the litter box nearby to the place where your cat eats and drinks to promote its usage. You can also install a secondary litter box too.

Make Changes to Their Surroundings

Try filling the sink and bathtub with a little water. This can somehow prevent your cat from entering it which can significantly stop them from pooping in it too.

cat pooping in bathtub
Visit the Vet

If your cat keeps on repeating the same behavior even after making the changes then it is time for you to visit the vet. They can not only figure out the root cause of such behavior but can also train your cat too.

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