why do cats meow during the night
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Cat’s meowing is a usual sound which we hear regularly and some of us might love that sound too. But sometimes your furry friend meows more at night than daytime which disturbs your precious sleep. Do you know the reason behind it? If not, read on to find out the reasons why cats meow at night and what can be done for it:


It’s popularly known that cats are nocturnal which means they are generally more active at night. However, this is not completely true because they are crepuscular which means they are naturally more active at dawn and dusk. As they get adopted, their habits will change according to their owners routine and so is the meowing at night. (Read about 10 Surprising signs that your cat may be sick )

Crepuscular behavior of cats
Cognitive Dysfunction

Elderly cats can develop cognitive dysfunction disease which is similar to human’s Alzheimer disease. Cognitive dysfunction deteriorates the ability to understand what’s happening around them. If you have an elderly cat who seems confused or meows for no reason then consult your vet. You can find some special food and nutritional supplements which will help you to keep your cat’s brain active. ( Read about How to take care of your cats without crushing their spirit )

Cognitive Dysfunction in cats


Sometimes cats become more vocal at night to get their owners attention because they are bored or they haven’t tired themselves out enough during the day. Hence being a cat owner always ensure that your furry baby has done a lot of active play during the day so that she can sleep well at night.

Feeling Hungry

Being a hooman, you must have noticed that your cats become more vocal when you walk in the kitchen or when it gets close to their feeding times. In such a situation rather than feeding your cat when she cries, wait until she stops meowing to put down food. To make your life easier get an automatic feeder that opens at set times.

Cat meows at night when she feels hungry


You might have heard, intense loud howl at night which could be the sound of cats breeding. Although Female cats yowl in heat, males start to yowl when they sense the heat of female cats. Therefore, if you want to sleep tight, don’t forget to spay or neuter your furry baby. ( Read about Why cats cover their faces while sleeping )

EyeSight Issues

During the night your house is darker and quieter than daytime. If your cat’s eyesight is deteriorating, she might not be able to see or hear you. Hence she meows, as she feels scared or confused. Cat’s eyesight can degrade with age just like us, so consult your vet and get the proper treatment.

cat meowing due to eyesight issue


Sometimes excessive vocalizing including at night could be an indication of kidney disease or overactive thyroid in felines. Don’t ignore it, make an appointment with your vet to be sure your cat has been properly diagnosed.

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