Interesting facts about cats whiskers
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Cats are their whiskers from a combination that is just adorable. But did you know that apart from being an integral part of a cat’s face, whiskers have other functions too? From long to short and to curved, let’s take a look at the amazing facts about cat’s prestigious facial bristles.

Facts About Cat’s Whiskers
Whiskers are Super Sensitive

Unlike cat’s fur, their whiskers are more deeply connected to their internal system. So, if you are wondering why do cats have whiskers then you should know that whiskers work as a sensory organ for cats. Whiskers help them to know about everything like the distance of an object, their surroundings, and even minor details around them. ( Read About – Why Do Cats Hate Closed Doors? )

Why do cats have whiskers
Whiskers Portray Cat’s Emotions

The way whiskers are positioned can determine what a cat is feeling in a really unique way. If their whiskers are facing forward then the cat is in a hunting position. Moreover, when whiskers are hanging loosely, it shows a relaxed position, while if a cat is scared then its whiskers would be more towards its face. Isn’t it just astonishing?

what do cats use their whiskers for
Whiskers aren’t there Just on the Nose

One of the really cool facts about cat whiskers is that they are present not only on the muzzle but in several other areas too. For example, cats have whiskers on the chin, above the eyes, and even behind the front legs too. All these whiskers have different functions but they mostly help a cat in its senses. ( Read About – Why Do Cats Feel Unloved? )

cool facts about cat whiskers
Cat’s Whiskers Shouldn’t be Cut

No matter how long the whiskers get, you should never cut or trim a cat’s whiskers. They might shed some naturally but cutting them can cause a cat to act completely weird or crazy. This is because the lack of signals received by their whiskers causes them to act all baffled and confused. ( Read About – Why Do Cats Run Away To Die? )

cat whiskers
Whiskers are the Parameter of a Cat’s Size

Puzzling what do cats use their whiskers for apart from determining their surroundings? Well, interestingly cat’s whiskers are in perfect proportion to their size. This is why their whiskers help them in determining whether they can fit into certain areas or not.

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