Why do cats cover their face while sleeping
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Cats have their own ways of communicating with their owners and show distinct behaviour in doing the same. As such, it becomes a little challenging on the part of the latter to figure out the behaviour of the former. Sometimes a kitty acts so cutely that its owner cannot help but smile at it and be happy. It’s not as if feline furballs keep their owners guessing only when they are up and running; they do so even when they are asleep.
The tendency to cover their faces while sleeping is commonplace among kittens. But why do cats sleep with their face down? Read on to find an answer to this question that the cat owners must be curious about. (Read about Facts About Cat’s Eye Colors )

cat with cover face

Reasons why cats cover their faces while sleeping

A cat curls up in a cozy and warm spot its face down after devouring its Canidae meal with for the following reasons:

A sense of security: While sometimes cats behave like predators, oftentimes they also act as preys. So, they are hardwired to find sleeping places that give them a feeling of safety. By concealing their faces, they get this feeling.

To prevent the Sun’s rays from reaching its eyes: Cats are specialists in locating toasty places for taking a nap but at the same time, they also like to keep the warm sun away from their eyes. This is another reason why they cover their face.

Comfort factor: Any other animal hardly comes closer to a cat when it comes to stretching the body. And unlike other animals, cats cover their face when they stretch. As for comfort, it makes them feel warm. (Read About The Secrets Behinds Cat’s Nap )

To Keep Nose Warm: You might have seen your cat curled up, but have you ever wonder why she does that?. The reason behind this is to retain heat. They keep their nose warm by tucking their feet underneath them and covering a paw or their tail around the face.

why cats cover their faces

So, going forward, don’t be surprised if you discover your adorable furball covering its face. It could be due to one of the above reasons.

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