Do Siberian Cats Like To Cuddle
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Siberian cats as the name suggest come from the forest of Siberia. They are medium to long-haired cats and are very charming. Siberian cat personality is basically friendly, they get along not only with humans very easily but also with other pets in the house (including the dog). Their playful nature and no non- delicate personality makes them apt for a low maintenance fun pet.

facts about Siberian cats
Things You Should Know Before Getting A Siberian Cat

If you are planning to get a Siberian cat then here are something you need to know before you get one:-

Siberian cat Built

Siberian cats have strong limbs but the hind limbs are stronger than the front, this makes them amazing jumpers and climbers. They have very thick three-layered fur with a fluffy tail making them resistant to extreme weather conditions. Usually, their eyes are golden or green in colour whereas you can find Siberian cats in different colours making them attractive. ( Read about – Curly haired cat breeds )

Siberian cat personality
Siberian cat personality

These cats are very friendly but not clingy in nature. They are athletic and active making them fun to play with. For sure they enjoy companionship this is one reason why they will follow you wherever you go, even if you don’t want them around. The fluffy fur and affectionate nature make them a perfect cuddly partner. ( Read about – Cats with big and cute ears )

things you should know before getting a Siberian cat
Care of Siberian cat

The loving cats are low maintenance pet. Even though they are fluffy they do not require frequent grooming, you just need to brush them once or twice a week. It is also advisable to brush your cat’s teeth daily during summers. You even need to check on their nails, redness in their ears. Just in case you find an issue, simply consult the veterinarian. ( Read about – Cat breeds that love to travel )

Siberian cat facts
Common Health Issues

Being a naturally healthy breed there is only one congenital disease that needs to look for, and that is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). The Siberian cats and reproduce at a very early age in some cases just five months old. So it is important to keep the indoor cats out of reach of other cats if you are not ready for little kittens in your house. ( Read about – Top 7 destinations for cat lovers )

Fun facts about Siberian cats
Some Fun Facts About Siberian Cats

Siberian cat is the national cat of Russia. This cats moulting is not governed by a change in temperature but by a change in daylight hours. Siberian cats are serious patents. In some cases the mama cat mates with only one male cat who also take care in nurturing his little ones.

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