what you should know before getting a siamese cat
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It is often heard that Siamese cats are very clingy and needy but I do not agree with it completely. They definitely enjoy human attention which makes them affectionate and human friendly but not clingy. If you wish to pet a cat and you really need good company then they should be your first choice.

Extremely clingy Siamese
What do you know before getting a Siamese cat?

There are certain things you need to know before you get a Siamese cat.

Siamese Cat So Needy

Extremely clingy Siamese cat will be an exaggerated statement but yes they are a little needy for sure. Siamese cats are needy just for your love and attention. They will not miss any opportunity to be around their owner.

siamese cat so needy
Siamese Cat Are Active And Playful

Siamese cats enjoy playing, being active in nature makes them enjoy even more. If you are planning to get a Siamese cat then I can assure you that you won’t feel left out because it is always going to be there to give you company. ( Read about – Do Siberian Cats Like to Cuddle? )

They have a favorite person

Although Siamese cats are human friendly and play around with all the family member Siamese personality has a special thing that it mostly has a favourite person. It will always enjoy the company of its favourite person more than anyone else in the family. It always longs for the attention of its favourite person the most. ( Read about – Cats with Big and Cute Ears )

siamese personality
They Meow a lot

Of course they ‘Meow a lot more than any other cat but it is important to know that Siamese cats are expressive as well as talkative. Meow is their language and they love to talk to their owner along with other expressions.

Siamese cats are expressive

As mentioned before this is one of the most expressive cats. They have different ways of expressing their love, anger or sadness to their owner. Liking their owners let to rubbing their body against their owner’s leg, rolling on the ground with their belly up to walking towards their owner with their tail up even looking at its favourite person with its open eye bilking are some of its way of expression. ( Read about – Curly Haired Cat Breeds )

siamese cats are expressive

It is important not to forget that all the love comes with a little bit of clinginess it is just how you handle it.

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