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If someone is asked about which cat they find most attractive then a general answer would be the curly-haired cat. The curly-haired cat breeds are rare for sure but every cat lover wished to own one just because of its look but also its friendly nature. There are many fun and interesting facts about curly-haired cat breeds which we will go through here.

curly haired cat breed

Usually, all cats have three layers of fur or coat over their body but curly-haired cat breeds one layer less than others. This coat of a cat protects the cat from rain and other climatic conditions. ( Read about – 5 Cats With Big and Cute Ears )

Do curly haired cats shed?

The most common question that arises to anyone’s mind before owning a curly-haired cat is ‘do curly haired cats shed?’ then the answer is ‘Negligible’ or in some cases ‘NO’. So if you are allergic to a cat but still wish to own a cat then simply choose one from the curly-haired cat breeds. Hypoallergenic cat breeds are best for people allergic to cat although the experience can differ from person to person. Lets get to know some of the curly-haired cat breeds.

Selkirk Rex:- The cat tends to have a long curly coat with a round face and large limbs. These cats are supposed to be kept indoors mostly as they are not athletic as well have a lack of energy. In spite of lack of affection, their teddy bear look makes then one of the most desirable pet. ( Read about – Facts about the world’s smallest cat )

Selkirk Rex

The LaPerm:- LaPern cats have short and wavy fur coat as their curly hair tends to disappear by the time they are 10 months old. These are one of the sweetest and most affectionate cats as well as carry a very unique look. ( Read about – 7 Cat breeds that love to travel )

LaPerm curly-haired cat

Devon Rex:- They get their name Devon Rex as they originally come from Devon in the UK. The cats have very fragile fur which requires regular grooming but their slender body and large ears make then very attractive. These cats are not very affectionate but yes they carry a playful nature so as to draw the attention of their owner. It is one of the smartest breeds of cat.

Devon Rex curly haired-cat

Cornish Rex:- These cats share similar traits as Devon Cat such as Long ears and slender body. These are the ones with short hair. These cats are soft-haired which makes them extremely delicate and not fir for any extreme outdoor conditions. Just like Devon Rex, they are extremely active and playful. ( Read about – Facts about the world’s deadliest cat )

Cornish Rex curly-haired cat

There are other cats with curly hair too but the above four are the known ones from the breed.

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